The Grapes Goblet

The Grapes Goblet

SKU: GG--05

The Grapes Goblet stands 6 3/4 inches high and holds 10 fl.oz, its weight is 8 oz. The inside is 24Kt Gold plated. The Gold plating on the inside keeps the silver from corriding from the inside out. This fine sterling silver goblet is made with great craftsmanship by skilled silversmiths. Truly an elegant goblet for the most discriminating of tastes.

Due to price fluctuations in the Gold and Silver Markets we have to confirm the price by phone. Please call 360-458-5758 to get the current price / confirm the price / complete the order. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is a hand crafted item that is made to order for each customer. Because of the special one at a time crafting of this product, it can take 2-8 weeks for delivery.


Please call us at 360-458-5758 for price or purchase.

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