Tim Cotterill, the FROGMAN known for his frog collectables, has an uncontrollable passion for frogs. And only frogs. He loves everything about those bulgy-eyed beauties — their faces, their webbed feet, their springy legs and their antic nature. He incorporates every possible expression, contour, and subtlety of these amphibians into his green-enameled bronzes.

What makes Tim's frogs unique is that many bear human traits of different characters - a dancer, swimmer, the prince charming, etc. And these red-hot frogs are being snapped up by people all over the world, including many celebrities. Says Tim, "Muhammed Ali's wife collects them I've been told, Michelle Pfeiffer, David Hasselhoff, Whoopi Goldberg."

"Frogs are fun creatures! I have tried to capture their individual spirit; their fun and their joy. Life is fun! I hope my art brings more happiness and joy into your life." — Tim Cotterill, The Frogman

Beetle Brunch - by Tim Cotterill - SOLDLeap Frog - by Tim Cotterill - SOLDHigh Dive - by Tim Cotterill - SOLDPebbles (yellow) - Frog Sculpture by Tim CotterillPebbles (red) - Frog by Tim Cotterill - SOLD
Bamboo - by Tim Cotterill - SOLDFree Spirit - by Tim Cotterill - SOLDFat Boy - by Tim Cotterill - SOLDSnack Attack - by Tim Cotterill - SOLDHide and Seek - by Tim Cotterill - SOLD
Pond Pals - by Tim Cotterill - SOLDLily and Lotus Set - by Tim Cotterill - SOLDOver the Top - by Tim Cotteril - SOLDStorm (mini) - by Tim Cotterill - SOLDSunset (mini) - by Tim Cotterill - SOLD
Steppin' out - by Tim Cotterill - SOLDSteppin' out - Frog Sculpture by Tim CotterillSprout - Frog Sculpture by Tim CotterillLucky Bug - Frog sculpture by Tim CotterillCattail - Frog Sculpture by Tim Cotterill
Rendezvous - Frog Sculpture by Tim CotterillArrow - Frog Sculpture by Tim CotterillHigh Flyer - Frog Sculpture by Tim Cotterill

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