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Custom made Jewelry

The Custom made Jewelry Area


Here you can find creations and custom made rings and pendants made in metals like Silver and Gold and Platinum.

You can also find Jewelry custom designs that include Diamonds, Gems, Semiprecious Stones,River Rock, Elk Ivory, Tigershark tooth and more.

Your Imagination is the limit.

 Custom made Jewelry

We are here to help your create your own custom made jewelry.

Please heave a look at the displayed piece which show the variety of what jewelry  we can help you design and get custom made.

You just have to bring your ideas of the jewelry you might want and if you stones or old unused jewelry we can utilize the gem stones from those pieces.

The Custom Design Consultation

The best part of the day is sitting down with customers and sharing in the process with imagination to create something personal, beautiful and meaningful. Our 30 years of experience help us to apply and offer a vast number of techniques and processes, but it is the communication with you that is the most important. We listen, and we guide with sensitivity to let you find your style and creation

Once we measure your existing stones and find out what type of jewelry you would like to get made we go to and start creating the design.

The Sketch or CAD Render

Here we will give a you 3-D preview of the final and you can see if that matches up with your vision about the ring or pedant.

If you are not happy yet with that presentation we change the design so that it works for you. Once we are all in agreement the work in the shop begins.

Jewelry custom made in the Workshop

Now it is time for the work in the back:

Make the Wax

Cast the Gold or Silver

Clean and prepare the piece

Set the Stones

Polish and finish the Jewelry.

Hand Fabricating also

At other times we make the piece all by hand fabricating it with the aid of our laser welder and fabricating techniques.

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