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Silver Goblets

Silver Goblets hand made of Sterling Silver and 24K gold lined

Silver goblets have graced the tables of kings and queens. Elie Jewelers offers a fine selection of Sterling goblets. Each goblet is created with an artist’s touch of elegance and refinement. The classical beauty of the  silver goblet can become a part of your well-dressed table. We offer many different motifs and themes in our collection. Some of our wine goblets can even be engraved for a special wedding gift.
Silver Chalices are available in a variety of designs including wedding cups, ceremonial cups, and classic goblets.

These sterling  goblets feature extravagant ornamentation. There are wedding cups with stately lady figures and ceremonial cups with lavish nostalgic symbols.

The wedding cups are perfect for brides and grooms who wish to honor timeless traditions in their own weddings.

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